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alternate video

March 11, 2010

cooler than


March 8, 2010

Money To BLOW.

February 14, 2010

first off i have to thank my brotha Luwees for helping me push this track to the masses.  In case you haven’t heard it check it yo!


February 9, 2010

sup one person who reads this blog

check out this song i did a couple weeks ago, it’s called “Playoffs”

props to my main man LuWees on the artwork… be sure to check him and the homie J. Harrison over at Mi Linda Cochina

How to Make it in America

February 8, 2010

new HBO original series

episode 1 son


December 2, 2009

new RJD2!?

featuring Kenna!?

click the pic for DL



December 1, 2009